Rebounding, the Low-Impact Plan that Improves Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis, generally speaking, is when a person has weak or brittle bones. In cases like this it can be hard to do things that require physical exertion because of the possibility of hurting oneself. With osteoporosis people need to be very careful to ensure they are not damaging their body or causing permanent [...]


For a lot of us, we just cannot lose the weight we would like to. Or maybe we can lose all of it but that last little bit on our lower abs. We all know what the solution usually is, eat healthier and exercise more. One thing we probably ALL know for sure [...]

Rebound Air – Italy and the Rimini Wellness Event

Imagine your perfect Italian vacation, you eat at some of the world’s finest restaurants, you see famous historic landmarks, and you take a rebounding class on the beach. That’s right, it appears as though Rebound Air has now become part of the Italian experience. Al, known as the father of the rebounder, recently visited Italy [...]