Rebounding, the Low-Impact Plan that Improves Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis, generally speaking, is when a person has weak or brittle bones. In cases like this it can be hard to do things that require physical exertion because of the possibility of hurting oneself. With osteoporosis people need to be very careful to ensure they are not damaging their body or causing permanent injuries. This, like many other physical conditions, is a very serious matter that needs to be handled with extreme caution. When a body has bones that are weak and they are feeling fragile, it may seem like the last possible option is to exercise. Though this may not seem like an option for them at all physically, it may be just the remedy they have been looking for. Everyone has a different body, and everyone’s body can handle different amounts and types of exercises. The important factor in rebounding is that it is an extremely low-impact workout. Even standing [...]

Exercising in Your Golden Years

When is someone too old to exercise? Some of us, maybe even a lot of us, feel that we’ve reached the point where even getting up out of a chair is a lot of work. One of the hardest parts of starting to exercise again after a long period of “time off,” or even trying to exercise when you’re older is that your body can’t do what it used to. Many people can start to see when they slowly start declining in energy, stamina, core strength and endurance. Let’s face it, when we’re older it’s just harder to feel good enough to want to work out. This is where the Rebounder becomes your new best friend. Each movement that you will learn on the Rebounder is easy on your joints while at the same time strengthening your core and limbs. As you continue to make the Rebounder a part of your [...]

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