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Our classic rebounder folds in half for easy storage and transportation. This fold is made possible by the most innovative, safe, durable, and PATENTED hinges on the planet. Top seller and guaranteed up to 300ob bounder.

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1) Custom Carrying Case ($45 value)
2) “Keep on Rebounding” DVD ($19.95 value)

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  • Lifetime Warranty and Free Replacement on EVERY component.
  • Up to 300-lb. user weight.
  • Full 40″ diameter
  • Height: 10″
  • Weight:  34 lbs
  • Virtually indestructible metal frame with baked-on, high-gloss enamel paint (the frame is dipped, not sprayed). The frame is also guaranteed to confidently support up to 300-lb.
  • New, safer spring-to-mat connection. “Little feet and big toe friendly,” designed with your safety in mind.
  • Guaranteed maximum structural integrity, even for the Half-Fold (frame folds in half, legs fold under).
  • We have developed the BEST springs on the planet! We feature the highest caliber Soft-Bounce springs available to provide the perfect balance between the mat firmness with just the right amount of jump response and joint-friendly soft-bounce resilience. Our wide-belly, 3 tier-tapered shaped springs creates an ideal bounce which promotes body alignment and prevents ankle pronation. The ReboundAIR™ has larger, longer and stronger springs than competitor brands.
  • Permatron™ mat, with double-sided, reinforced circumference bands. Meticulous workmanship to withstand 300-pound user weight and guarantee decades of regular use.
  • The most innovative, safe, durable, PATENTED hinges on the planet; rounded and internally bolted to prevent spring cover tears that are so common with other brands.
  • Fitted legs that unlock and fold for easy storage of your ReboundAIR™ rebounder, even on the Standard model.
  • 30-day money back guarantee.

Additional information

Weight 35 lbs
Dimensions 41 × 23 × 5 in

Black, Red

7 reviews for Classic Folding ReboundAIR

  1. Becky

    I bought my first rebounder in about 1985, I have used it a LOT over the last thirty + years. I have loved it. I have always said if I had only one piece of exercise equipment, it would be Al Carter’s rebounder. I have the original book he wrote, it’s much worse for the wear 🙂 they both are – the rebounder & the book.

  2. Rebecca

    These mini tramps are great for kids with Aspergers. My son has been using one now for 10 years. He finds it so soothing – it’s like a meditation for him. And he hasn’t had a cold or flu in years and I wonder if it’s because his lymph system might be improved because of all this jumping. I particularly like the Rebound Air trampolines because they are less stiff and are easy on the joints.

  3. Rhett

    We’ve had our Rebound-Air for over 5 years. Our 13-year-old son has been bouncing on it every day since we got it. I noticed a few of the springs had broke, the mat had ripped where it attached to the springs in 2 places, and the spring cover was also ripped. I forgot about the warranty and ordered a much cheaper trampoline from Amazon. After I set the new trampoline up and our son used it, he went straight back to the Rebound-Air and asked if I could buy a new one. I went to the website with intentions of purchasing a new trampoline, read about the warranty and made a phone call. The gentleman who answered the phone was extremely helpful and sent out all of the replacement parts we needed within a few days. Replacing the mat and transferring a majority of the springs is time consuming, but well worth it. I highly recommend Rebound-Air, they have a customer for life.

  4. Virginia Hernandez

    I have had the classic reboundair for 7 years and still loving it. No issues whatsoever and my 3 yr grandson loves it, too. He’s been bouncing on it since he was able to sit. I never get tired of it- I watch tv while I rebound so I hardly ever fold it. Anticipate many more years of use.

  5. Kelly

    We love our ReboundAir. We use it daily and have felt a significant boost to our health. Faster recovery from workouts or injuries, staying healthy throughout flu season..again and weight has dropped a bit. Plus we both sleep better and more deeply. Cannot say enough good things about the rebounder and your company. Thank you, Kelly

  6. Chris Wroth

    From my experience, my rebound air mini-trampoline is the most durable thing I have ever owned. I exercise on he son-of-a-gun for about a half hour every day. This has gone on for well over 10 years. The damn thing just will not break! Of course, I like that!

  7. Marian M. (verified owner)

    The quality of this rebounder is exceptional. I was impressed that it came fully assembled and I could use it immediately after it arrived (which was fast). The bounce is smooth and quiet. I searched far and wide for a rebounder that was well-constructed, durable, and reasonably priced. This is it and I’m super excited to bounce on it every day for the rest of my life!

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