Rebounding, the Low-Impact Plan that Improves Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis, generally speaking, is when a person has weak or brittle bones. In cases like this it can be hard to do things that require physical exertion because of the possibility of hurting oneself. With osteoporosis people need to be very careful to ensure they are not damaging their body or causing permanent injuries. This, like many other physical conditions, is a very serious matter that needs to be handled with extreme caution. When a body has bones that are weak and they are feeling fragile, it may seem like the last possible option is to exercise. Though this may not seem like an option for them at all physically, it may be just the remedy they have been looking for. Everyone has a different body, and everyone’s body can handle different amounts and types of exercises. The important factor in rebounding is that it is an extremely low-impact workout. Even standing [...]


What are the differences between exercising on a rebounder and a treadmill? That is a common question, as well as a very reasonable one. When it comes to our fitness routine, we want to make sure we are doing the work that will give us the most benefits for our particular goals. That’s a given and absolutely vital for the best results possible. We also can’t ignore that a lot of us have time limitations that need to be followed in order for us to maintain our individual, professional, and family schedules. Let’s go through a few important “must knows” when it comes to rebounding vs. being on your treadmill. 1. Space Space is limited for a lot of people. Treadmills today can fold up and become pretty small, but not for a small price. If you want your treadmill to get as small as a Rebounder folds up to [...]

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For a lot of us, we just cannot lose the weight we would like to. Or maybe we can lose all of it but that last little bit on our lower abs. We all know what the solution usually is, eat healthier and exercise more. One thing we probably ALL know for sure though is: losing weight the healthy way is easier said than done. We all have that friend; you know, the one who just seems “to get it.” They’re always eating well, turning down the dessert, and training hard at the gym. They look great, have tons of energy, and are generally happy. So how do you get like that? Maybe you’ve tried and you just didn’t see the results like you wanted, or maybe you didn’t make it to the gym as much as you’d like. You may have even gone to the gym, but [...]

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