From the desk of Kathryn

People new to bouncing, need to ease in slowly. I recommend 1-minute sessions 5 times a day for the first 7 days. You’re not going to leave the mat for the first couple weeks of bouncing. A gentle bounce for 1 minute; that’s how powerful it is! The first week is a detox time because all the trillions of cells are flexing and being flushed of toxins. Those toxins, temporally get released into the system until they’re expelled in the bathroom. A detox done too quickly can make one feel ill. Every body is different and we want to go only as fast as the weakest part of our body can handle. End the session when your body says that weak part of the body hurts. Separate the sessions by an hour or two. Your organs, feet, back, etc. need to get used to all its cells being exercised. [...]