Rebound Air – Italy and the Rimini Wellness Event

Imagine your perfect Italian vacation, you eat at some of the world’s finest restaurants, you see famous historic landmarks, and you take a rebounding class on the beach. That’s right, it appears as though Rebound Air has now become part of the Italian experience. Al, known as the father of the rebounder, recently visited Italy to take part in the Annual Wellness Convention in Rimini, Italy. While there, Al was pleased to find that the rebounder was being used and well liked, even changing lives. Finding a little time to explore and enjoy himself, Al set off for the beach. While there, he found a rebounding class taught by Lamberto Livi. Livi teaches 2 rebounding classes a day on a portion of the beach. He also teaches other rebounding classes during the months before and after summer. Livi was happy that Al was there and let him talk to his classes, who were thrilled that [...]