This effective 52 min. workout starts with a rebounder warm-up (3 min.) followed by standing stretches (3 min.). Three cardio segments (8+, 10+, & 8+ min.) use a variety of tempos & activities. Rebound moves are illustrated with easy & hard versions.

Between the cardio segments, three sections of weight exercises, using our soft Velcro glove weights (3+ min., 4+ min, & 2 min.). Train the back, chest, triceps, biceps, shoulders & legs. Floor work is done on the surface of the rebounder & includes leg abduction & core training (8+ min.). Yoga-style standing stretches (2+ min) conclude the workout. Total calories burned: approximately 550 to 600.

Includes a demonstration of opening and closing The Ultimate Rebound™, Al Carter’s new Composite Quarter Fold!