A “classic” weight loss tool: Over the years we’ve received great customer response to this effective rebound aerobics program. “Most weight lost with this program. Not the newest rebound program, but it WORKS!”

Join bounding gurus Darren Carter and Holly Anderson as they lead their team of BYU cheerleaders and aerobics instructors in a tape that is designed to be a follow along workout for people of all levels. 38 minutes, 3 progressive segments: Beginning (or warm up), intermediate aerobics and anaerobic toning/strengthening. Rated the best of Rebound Aerobics videos. Approximately the caloric equivalent of jogging a 5K, 3.17 miles or 350 to 400 Calories.

The convenient advantage is the digital menu. Use your remote control to “jump to” your favorite chapters. No rewinding, fast forwarding…